The FreeJava library includes following elements:

- Jexp, a java expression('javaexp') evaluator, the javaexp is a small language looks like java, (but it's not java) mainly used in web. oh! why don't use JavaScript? cuz JavaScript is a client'side script language, and also there's few tools for enabling the use of JavaScript within Java program. use Jexp you can access objects of main java program, it supports dynamics define variable (however it doesn't support define functions and classes) and it's more faster.

- Structural XML Parsing, this based on SAX2. when using SAX2, you can't analyze a complex XML file, and DOM is just waste of memory (and slow). The structural XML parsing is designed for parsing XML faster and easier.

- ALC(Application Life Cycle), this is a framework for java applications, you can build your Web application based on ALC, (the MP3R also based on ALC).

- More charsets, this includes LTC (Literal text encoding) charset, which is very useful for debuging i18n codes.

- MI (Multi-Inherit), java doesn't support multi-inherit, but sometime you may need it very much, the MI class is the root class for all multi-inherit-enabled classes, so you can derive you class from MI to get multi-inherit feature. It is implemented somewhat like COM (the basic of Microsoft ActiveX technology).

and lots more! :)


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